13 O’Clock Episode 100 – True Crime Variety Special with Guests, Video, Kitties, and More!

Yes, we’ve reached an important milestone, folks: it’s 13 O’Clock’s big, bad ONE-HUNDREDTH episode! For months, we threw around different ideas about what to do for it, and in the end, we just decided to give our listeners more of what they seem to love most about the show: drunken rambling and horrific true crime stories. Plus, for those tuning in on YouTube, you will get to see videos of us in all our glory, plus little snippets of video of our kitties, and a 360 of our little office/studio, where the magic happens (the audio version doesn’t have video, obviously, but is still awesome and fun, so don’t feel left out)!

We also have special guests on the show: Shana, Eric, and zombie baby Demonika of BattleGlitta, who drank and laughed along with us as we delved into twenty of the most eerie and unpleasant true crime stories I could find. Creepiest disappearances! Horrible massacres of entire families! IT’S A MADHOUSE! Plus it’s like three hours long, so y’know…everyone take a potty break and gather all the snacks you’ll need before you settle in for the very long, vaguely incoherent, irreverent, and half-drunk installment of 13 O’Clock that IS episode 100. Hope you guys enjoy…we couldn’t do it without you! 🙂

Watch the YouTube version here or download the audio version here.

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