13 O’Clock Episode 161 – Murder in Florida: Flat Tire Murders, Kingfish Boat Ramp Murders, and More

On this installment of 13 O’Clock, Tom and Jenny are delving into four cases of serial and spree killers in Jenny’s home state of Florida, three of whom were never apprehended. First, we discuss the 1975 slayings known as the Flat Tire Murders, a series of crimes in Dade County that claimed the lives of between four and nine women. Then, we talk about the bizarre 1980 case of the Kingfish Boat Ramp Murders, in which a mysterious individual gunned down four people and wounded another, apparently at random. Then we wrap up the show with a discussion of the serial killer known as the Daytona Beach Killer, who murdered at least four women between the years of 2005 and 2007; and the Seminole Heights Killer, who shot four random people in Tampa in 2017 before being caught and identified as Howell Donaldson III. Get your Florida Man memes ready and settle in for episode 161.

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