13 O’Clock Episode 104 – The Black Dahlia

It’s true crime time again on this grisly installment of 13 O’Clock, and this go-around, we’re tackling what is probably the best known unsolved murder case in American history: the horrifying slaying of the Black Dahlia. Back in 1947, dark-haired beauty Elizabeth Short was found sliced in half and drained of blood in an undeveloped Los Angeles neighborhood. Who committed such a vicious crime, and why? Theories and rumors have abounded in the more than seven decades since the murder occurred, and public fascination with the case shows no sign of abating. So listen in to our take on the notorious crime, along with an opening news story about a Florida cold case from 1994 — the brutal murder of Amy Gellert — and many, MANY of our famous digressions. Settle in for the long, blood-drenched saga of episode 104.

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Clip at the beginning taken from the trailer of the 2006 Brian De Palma film The Black Dahlia.

Song at the end: “Black Dahlia” by Aine Cahill.

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13 O’Clock Episode 60 – The Cleveland Torso Murders

It’s true crime time again on the show, kids, and today we’re discussing a particularly gruesome and infamous series of unsolved murders that also makes an appearance in Jenny’s brand new book, The Faceless Villain. The Cleveland Torso Murders were exactly what they claim on the tin: they happened in Cleveland in the 1930s, and most of the victims were found in varying states of grisly dismemberment. Many of the victims were never even identified, and the killer never was either, so hopefully that makes you sleep better at night. Gird your loins or other appropriate anatomy, because this one’s a tad icky, and if you’re watching on YouTube, I’ll slap a GROSS PHOTO WARNING right down here. Try to keep all your limbs attached as you settle in for episode 60 of 13 O’Clock.

Also, if you have a TRUE creepy story that happened to you or someone you know (it doesn’t have to be paranormal, just scary), please email it to me at gravecake@gmail.com and we might feature it on our special Halloween episode!

Download the audio version here or watch the YouTube video here.

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