If You Missed Us on End of Days Radio, Here’s Your Chance to Catch Up!

This past Saturday night, the God of Hellfire and I were guests on a “couples night” edition of End of Days Radio, which also featured husband-and-wife demonologists Kenneth and Farah Rose Deel. You can listen to the whole thing if you want, or you can start at about two hours and twenty minutes in, when our part gets rolling. Not only do we talk about poltergeists, but we also answer some personal questions about our relationship, if you’re into that kind of thing, or are nosy about how we got together. Heh. Enjoy!

Listen for the Sound of Your Master’s Voice: Audiobook News!

So, we had a very productive weekend, thank you very much for asking. Our dear friends Demetrios Pappas (aka DJ Lavidicus of Memento Mori at Independent Bar Orlando) and his lovely wife Jen Draven (of 13th Angel) spent many, many hours at the Hellfire household, enjoying the GoH’s stellar Indian cuisine and recording me reading both The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist and my upcoming magnum opus, House of Fire and Whispers. Both books will be available as audio books in fairly short order, and an audio book of The Rochdale Poltergeist is also on the agenda in the very near future. Gotta say, I had never recorded an audio book before, and I now have nothing but undying respect for folks who do nothing but voice work for a living, because DAMN, it’s way harder than it looks. Much honey tea was consumed, much swearing and mispronunciation was edited out, but in the end, we got two books knocked out over two days. Now all that has to be done is final editing and mastering, and we’ll be good to go. So if you ever wanted to read my paranormal books without actually having to read them, then just sit tight, because soon you’ll be able to listen to my mellifluous tones reading aloud to you in the privacy of your own home/crawlspace/bunker/man-cave.

Oh, and I also recorded an interview about my new book with Aaron Hunter of the Real Paranormal Activity podcast, which will air at 10pm EST on Monday, August 8th, so please listen in! I will post another link closer to the day of the show.

Thank you, and keep it creepy, my friends.

Rochdale Poltergeist in Phenomena Magazine!

The UK’s Phenomena Magazine (which was founded by my Rochdale Poltergeist co-author, parapsychologist Steve Mera) has a full page ad and press release (that I wrote and designed) for our book in this month’s issue! Read the whole thing for free right here.

On a related note, I will also be recording an interview this evening for Outer Edge Radio, along with Steve, about the Rochdale book. I’ll let you know when the interview airs!


The Rochdale Poltergeist Is Out, and Here’s a Trailer!

I know you have all been waiting on the fabled tenterhooks, so now, finally, HERE IT IS! The Rochdale Poltergeist is an account of the famous 1996 case that I wrote with the honest-to-gosh, real-life parapsychologist who investigated the case, Steve Mera, the director of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology (SEP) in Manchester, England. It’s available in both print and ebook formats from Amazon, so buy, read, review! And here’s a short trailer I made to whet your appetite! Happy haunting, paranormal pals!