13 O’Clock Episode 115 – Halloween Special 2018!

It’s finally here! The best day of the whole entire year: Halloween! And since we love all things ooky and spooky here on 13 O’Clock, and because we love all our fans, we’re doing an extra-long, extra-special episode featuring scary stories both true and fictional from some of our listeners! Plus we have guests and lots of other fun things, so get into your costumes, light the candles in your jack o’lantern, brew up some of your favorite Halloween potion and sit back and spend Halloween with Tom and Jenny.

Audio version:

Video version:

Opening organ music by BatMetal. Background ambient sounds by klankbeeld.

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My Short Story “Pale Sire” on the Tales To Terrify Podcast

I only just found out that it had actually been put up, but right here is an old episode of the Tales To Terrify Podcast which featured my short story “Pale Sire” being read aloud! Enjoy! And subscribe to Tales To Terrify, they’re awesome!