My New Book About the ‘Seattle Demon House’ Will Be Out Soon!

BOO, paranormal pals! Remember a while back I said I was working on another book with Steve Mera, the parapsychologist with whom I penned the wonderful and frightening tome The Rochdale Poltergeist (which you should buy right now if you haven’t already)? Well, I’m happy to announce that progress on the new book has been much faster than anticipated, and I will very likely be able to unleash it upon the world as soon as next month! Please try to contain yourselves. As a teaser, I will post the cover artwork below, and as I will be appearing on several radio shows in the next few weeks to talk about it, I will also be posting links to shows here as they come along. Thank you, and happy haunting.


Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist on Paranormal Underground Radio

Top of the morning, paranormal peeps! Be sure to tune in tonight, May 19th, at 9pm Eastern Time to Paranormal Underground Radio, where I and my foxy Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist co-author Tom Ross will be flapping our jaws about our book and poltergeist phenomena in general. I will also post a link to the archived podcast when it’s up, if you don’t catch it live. Thank you for listening, and as always, keep it creepy, my friends.



The Rochdale Poltergeist Now Available in Japanese!

Kon’nichiwa! In an effort to be all international, and because I hear there is an enormous market for paranormal literature in the Land of the Rising Sun, I have had the book I wrote with Steve Mera, The Rochdale Poltergeist, translated into Japanese. You can buy the print version here and the Kindle version here, and of course you can still get the English version as well, if you’re as linguistically challenged as I am. Arigatōgozaimashita.


Jenny Ashford:

Steve Mera:


End of Days and the HWA. It rhymes, bitch.

Happy Zombie Jesus Monday, minions! If you’ll recall, I told you guys that I was gonna be on End of Days Radio Saturday night, and I now have empirical evidence of that claim. The GoH makes an appearance too, talking about the Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist case. Listen here:

Also, writer Ari Drew, who appeared with me and others in the Nightmare Collective anthology, recommended me for the Horror Writers Association newsletter, under their Seers Table section for up and coming writers from diverse backgrounds. I got in, and right here is the screenshot! Hooray! 😀