Poltergeists, Panties, and Plasma, Oh My

Just a brief update here with some new links and upcoming goodies, just so you know the Goddess is still around and working!


First up, I’m sure you will remember the book I published not so long ago with parapsychologist Steve Mera, The Rochdale Poltergeist. Well, as a result of that book, Steve was summoned to work on an even stranger case right here in the US of A, the controversial Keith Linder “Demons in Seattle” case! Steve and his collaborator Don Phillips have been to the house and gathered lots and lots of data, and are in the process of making an episode of their UK TV show, “The Phenomena Project,” about what they discovered. More germane to this blog is the fact that Steve and I are collaborating on another book about this newer case! Its working title is House of Fire and Whispers: Investigating the Seattle Demon House, and it’s still in the interview/outline stage at the moment, but we’re trying to get it out in the next few months, while interest in the case is still high. More news as the book progresses! In the meantime, here is a short video giving an overview of the mysterious happenings:


I’m also still working on the erotica stories for my Panty Party Publishing arm; I haven’t been able to put up as many as I’d like lately because of other competing projects, but I have one story called “Island of the Satyrs” almost finished and ready to roll, and a third installment of the Little Dick Superpower series is also in the pipeline. Keep your pervy eyeballs peeled!


If any of you are going to be out and about in the Tampa, Florida area this coming weekend, why not stop by the Endless Night Vampire Ball at storied goth landmark The Castle? Tickets are $18 apiece, doors open on Saturday night at 10pm and it promises to be a grand time. I will be in attendance in all of my vampiric finery, accompanied of course by the GoH, and also by our dear friends DJ Lavidicus of Memento Mori fame, and his lovely wife Jen Draven, of 13th Angel fame. Vamp on up and say hello if you’re in the neighborhood!

And that’s all the news that’s fit to blog at the moment. Until next time, keep it creepy, my friends.

The Rochdale Poltergeist Is Out, and Here’s a Trailer!

I know you have all been waiting on the fabled tenterhooks, so now, finally, HERE IT IS! The Rochdale Poltergeist is an account of the famous 1996 case that I wrote with the honest-to-gosh, real-life parapsychologist who investigated the case, Steve Mera, the director of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology (SEP) in Manchester, England. It’s available in both print and ebook formats from Amazon, so buy, read, review! And here’s a short trailer I made to whet your appetite! Happy haunting, paranormal pals!

Coming Soon: The Rochdale Poltergeist

Greetings, minions! It’s Friday! It’s my birthday eve! And it’s a lovely day for another reason, as well: two of the big projects I’ve been busting my ass on and stressing out over for the past several months are finally wrapping up! The first, of course, is the previously mentioned cookbook from the esteemed Vegan Black Metal Chef, which I designed in the evillest fashion I knew how. Pick up your copy in just a few short months, and craft meals to please the Vegan Satan!

The second project is the poltergeist book I’ve been working on with parapsychologist Steve Mera of MAPIT in England. Since I know how much you fuckers enjoyed my book The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist—you know, the one I wrote with the God of Hellfire, who totally saw some crazy paranormal shit when he was a teenager—I just know you’ll love this one just as much! It’s an account of the 1995 Rochdale Poltergeist case as told by Mera himself, who investigated the disturbances, and it is creepy as fuck. I’m shooting for having the print book out before Halloween, with an ebook version to follow shortly afterward. Be on the lookout!


And now that these projects are completed, I can get back to my regular blog postings and some new writing projects I want to get into! I’ll be updating everyone on these as they happen, of course, so keep reading and following. Until next time, Goddess out.

The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist on Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast

Greetings, minions! Sorry I’ve been neglecting you, but I’ve really been inundated with work and haven’t had much chance to write any new stuff for this here blog. I will get back to it as soon as I can, but in the meantime, I took the GoH and I’s appearance on Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast and edited it down to the half hour that was just us, plus made a little video with photos from the book. So if you’d like to watch and listen, here you go:

Audio of Our Appearance on Jim Harold’s Radio Show

Remember a little while back, when I said that the GoH and I were on Jim Harold’s radio show talking about The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist? Well, in case you missed it, here is the podcast that you may download and listen to at your leisure. We are on the second segment. Enjoy! Oh, and by the way, I still have that Patreon thing going, so if you’d like to contribute a few bucks and get some nice perks like free books and what not, click here and make your offerings unto the Goddess. Thank you, dears.