13 O’Clock Episode 63 – Spooktacular Halloween Special!

It’s the best day of the year: HALLOWEEN!!! In honor of this most epic of holidays, Tom and Jenny are devoting most of this super-sized show to creepy-ass stories sent in by our weird and wonderful listeners. Check out some spooky true shit and also enjoy our musings on our Spooky Empire experience, the totality of the KrussellSphere, Ed Warren fighting a werewolf, and lots of other fun Halloweeny topics.

Download the audio version here or watch the YouTube video here.

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Song at the beginning: “Halloween” by the Misfits. Song at the end: “Horror Music Mashup Remix – Halloween Special” by rezo. Video clips courtesy of Videvo, Anomalous Curiosities, Breaking Barriers, Beachfront, Eggert Gunnarsson, Ghostly Apparitions, Andrew Nicholson, Christopher Robins, mrbush1980, and Cecilia Cristina. Sound effects and music clips courtesy of freesound.org users YourZombieCrush, NaturesTemper, cognito perceptu, InspectorJ, BatMetal, and eclipseprophet.

I’ll Be On End of Days: The Michael Decon Program Tonight at 11pm!

Yes, paranormal people, you will be able to listen to me live on the End of Days radio show with host Michael Decon, tonight (April 15th) at 11pm EST. I will be discussing my newest book, The Unseen Hand: A New Exploration of Poltergeist Phenomena, among many other things, so be sure to tune in!



Coming Soon: The Rochdale Poltergeist

Greetings, minions! It’s Friday! It’s my birthday eve! And it’s a lovely day for another reason, as well: two of the big projects I’ve been busting my ass on and stressing out over for the past several months are finally wrapping up! The first, of course, is the previously mentioned cookbook from the esteemed Vegan Black Metal Chef, which I designed in the evillest fashion I knew how. Pick up your copy in just a few short months, and craft meals to please the Vegan Satan!

The second project is the poltergeist book I’ve been working on with parapsychologist Steve Mera of MAPIT in England. Since I know how much you fuckers enjoyed my book The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist—you know, the one I wrote with the God of Hellfire, who totally saw some crazy paranormal shit when he was a teenager—I just know you’ll love this one just as much! It’s an account of the 1995 Rochdale Poltergeist case as told by Mera himself, who investigated the disturbances, and it is creepy as fuck. I’m shooting for having the print book out before Halloween, with an ebook version to follow shortly afterward. Be on the lookout!


And now that these projects are completed, I can get back to my regular blog postings and some new writing projects I want to get into! I’ll be updating everyone on these as they happen, of course, so keep reading and following. Until next time, Goddess out.