Panty Party Interview on Smashwords

So, in the interest of doing that book marketing thing that I’m actually not very good at, I went ahead and put up a short interview at Smashwords, wherein I discuss the genesis of Panty Party Publishing, other writing-related ephemera, and the existential dilemma of the human condition (not really). Have a read, if you’re so inclined. Thank you, and keep it creepy (and sexy).


New Erotica: “Silk Widow”

The latest story in Panty Party’s Tryst Sinister line, “Silk Widow,” is now available for the low price of $1.99! If you’re into hair bondage or getting sucked dry by giant spider women, then this here’s your jam. And don’t forget to follow Panty Party on Twitter and like it on Facebook! Thanks ever so much, minions.