13 O’Clock Episode 123 – Christmas Special: The Warminster Thing and the Rendlesham Forest Incident

Happiest of happy holidays to all of our listeners out there! On this fun, festive Christmas special, Tom and Jenny will be discussing two fascinating British UFO cases that also happened to take place right around Christmastime: the decades-long series of UFO sightings and other strange auditory phenomena collectively known as The Warminster Thing, the main bulk of which began on Christmas Day of 1964; and the infamous Rendlesham Forest Incident, which occurred on December 26th & 28th of 1980 and has gone on to become one of the best known alleged UFO sightings in the world. So pop on your Santa hat and ugly Christmas sweater, pour yourself an eggnog, bust out the Christmas cookies and candy canes, and spend an interstellar Christmas with Tom and Jenny on episode 123.

Audio version:

Video version:

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13 O’Clock Episode 28 – The Dyatlov Pass Incident

In 1959, in a remote area of the Ural Mountains in Soviet Russia, the bodies of nine hikers were discovered under very unusual circumstances. Bizarre details of the scene, such as oddly cut tents, lack of clothing, unexplained injuries, radioactivity, reported fireballs in the sky, and various other anomalies have inspired countless conspiracy theories about what happened to the unfortunate young people, ranging from secret KGB weapons testing to an alien encounter to tribal murder to an attack by the fearsome Russian Yeti. On this episode of 13 O’Clock, Tom and Jenny delve into the mystery of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, discussing the various theories and trying to recreate a plausible scenario that could account for all the strange clues found at the site of the tragic deaths.

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13 O’Clock Episode 15 – St. Clair Triangle: UFO Over Illinois!

Since this IS a mysterious type of show, you knew we’d get around to aliens eventually, and on episode 15, we’re discussing one of Tom’s favorite UFO sightings. Known as UFOs Over Illinois or the St. Clair Triangle, this particular sighting from the year 2000 was witnessed by at least seven people in different towns, four of them cops from different departments. Was it simply a misidentified blimp? A secret military aircraft? Or were extraterrestrials cruising around southern Illinois in a gigantic arrowhead-shaped ship with a fantastic light display? Hell if we know, but we have a pretty good time discussing it. By the way, excuse Jenny’s voice and the fact that the show is a tad shorter than usual; Jenny had a cold when we recorded this. *sniffle*

Download the audio file from Project Entertainment Network here, or watch the YouTube version here. Also, don’t forget to follow the 13 O’Clock Podcast blog, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter.

Rochdale Poltergeist in Phenomena Magazine!

The UK’s Phenomena Magazine (which was founded by my Rochdale Poltergeist co-author, parapsychologist Steve Mera) has a full page ad and press release (that I wrote and designed) for our book in this month’s issue! Read the whole thing for free right here.

On a related note, I will also be recording an interview this evening for Outer Edge Radio, along with Steve, about the Rochdale book. I’ll let you know when the interview airs!