Less Normal Than Paranormal


I know you’ll be pleased to hear that even though I have a new book coming out, I have not rested on my laurels vis-a-vis starting a new project. What is it, you ask with bated breath? Well, it’s something a little different for me. You see, my dearheart had a very…erm…alarming poltergeist-type experience when he was a teenager. He told me about it about two years ago, but since then I’ve talked extensively to his other family members who were also witnesses, and despite my initial skepticism (a polite way of saying that at first I thought he was totally bullshitting me), I became fascinated with the story and compelled to write a book about it, in collaboration with him. So in the interest of research, I persuaded him to sit down and let me record him describing the experience. If you are so inclined, you may watch the first interviews:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Thank you, and keep it horrorific, my friends.

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