An AMAZING Review of “The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist!”

Greetings, paranormal pals! I know you are all on tenterhooks to hear the radio program that the God of Hellfire and I hopefully didn’t make fools of ourselves on, but be patient; the audio file will be forthcoming today or tomorrow. To whet your appetite, check this out right here! UK paranormal magazine Phenomena contains an almost embarrassingly glowing review of our little poltergeist book, written by distinguished British parapsychologist and all-around awesome guy Steve Mera. He has been investigating paranormal phenomena for over thirty years, and I am tremendously humbled and intensely thrilled that he enjoyed our book so much and has put the weight of his professional expertise into recognizing it! You will likely be seeing some more activity involving us and Steve Mera in the future, though I’m keeping that on the down-low for now until everything is a bit further along. The GoH and I may also have a SUPER exciting announcement about The Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist coming very soon; I won’t go into too many details, but television is involved. Sorry to be so secretive, beloved minions, but I like to have everything squared away before I go shooting my mouth off about it; I’m sure you guys understand. So read the new issue of Phenomena, stay tuned to listen to our radio show, and keep your eyes peeled for exciting new developments!


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