Episode 76 – A Haunting: The Allen House, Plus Kent Ghost Monk

Hooray, Tom is finally back! And to celebrate, we’re doing another one of our fun discussions of an episode of A Haunting…this one concerns the season 5 episode titled “The Haunting of the Allen House,” which is a reenactment of the paranormal shenanigans happening to the Spencer family after they purchase the infamously haunted house in Arkansas and subsequently discover a secret about a woman who committed suicide there back in the 1940s. Apparitions and doomed love affairs of the past abound! We’ll also be discussing a recent news story about a man who allegedly photographed a ghost at an English castle, so get your haunt on and tune in for episode 76.

Watch the YouTube version here or download the audio version here.

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Song at the end: “Your Ghost” by Kristin Hersh.

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