13 O’Clock Episode 137 – The Lost Library of Ivan the Terrible

On this historical and mysterious installment, Tom and Jenny are delving deep beneath the Russian soil to uncover the legend of the lost library of Ivan the Terrible. This purported collection of priceless ancient books, including lost poems by Virgil and previously unknown works by the likes of Tacitus, Suetonius, and many more, was allegedly brought to Moscow by Sophia Paleologue, the niece of Constantine XI and the grandmother of Ivan the Terrible. It was claimed that an underground vault was built beneath the Kremlin to house the priceless items, but as the years went on, its whereabouts became lost. Archaeologist Ignatiy Stelletsky spent most of his professional life hunting the library, but unfortunately never found it. Does it really exist? Is it still lurking somewhere in the tunnels underneath the Russian capitol? Or was it destroyed or dispersed long ago? Grab your pickax and mining helmet, because we’re heading underground for episode 137.

Audio version:

Video version:

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