I’ll Be On End of Days: The Michael Decon Program Tonight at 11pm!

Yes, paranormal people, you will be able to listen to me live on the End of Days radio show with host Michael Decon, tonight (April 15th) at 11pm EST. I will be discussing my newest book, The Unseen Hand: A New Exploration of Poltergeist Phenomena, among many other things, so be sure to tune in!



If You Missed Us on End of Days Radio, Here’s Your Chance to Catch Up!

This past Saturday night, the God of Hellfire and I were guests on a “couples night” edition of End of Days Radio, which also featured husband-and-wife demonologists Kenneth and Farah Rose Deel. You can listen to the whole thing if you want, or you can start at about two hours and twenty minutes in, when our part gets rolling. Not only do we talk about poltergeists, but we also answer some personal questions about our relationship, if you’re into that kind of thing, or are nosy about how we got together. Heh. Enjoy!

Demon Houses and Ebooks and Podcasts, Oh My!

Happy Friday, paranormal pals! There’s a lot of ghostly goodness happening around your Goddess at the moment; here’s a brief rundown so you may plan your weekend accordingly!


Last night I was a guest on KCOR Digital Radio Network’s show Exploring the Bizarre, along with paranormal investigators Tammy Ineich and Holly Mullins. It was a “Gal Ghostbusters” roundtable, and I threw in a few cents here and there. Listen to the whole show right here.


Tomorrow I am going to begin the hopefully painless process of recording the audio book version of my new nonfiction epic, House of Fire and Whispers: Investigating the Seattle Demon House, which I wrote with Steve Mera. The audio version and print version will likely come out simultaneously in a couple of weeks, but the ebook version is done and should be available by the end of next week. Keep watching this space!


For even more on the poltergeist tip, me and my steadfast henchman, God of Hellfire Tom Ross, will be appearing live on End of Days Radio tomorrow night, July 23rd. Show starts at 10:30pm EST!


I will also be talking about my new book with host Aaron Hunter over at Real Paranormal Activity, and that’s gonna air on Monday night at 10pm EST, so if you just can’t get enough of the sound of my mellifluous voice, then tune in to that as well!

More news to come, and as always, keep it creepy, my friends.

End of Days and the HWA. It rhymes, bitch.

Happy Zombie Jesus Monday, minions! If you’ll recall, I told you guys that I was gonna be on End of Days Radio Saturday night, and I now have empirical evidence of that claim. The GoH makes an appearance too, talking about the Mammoth Mountain Poltergeist case. Listen here:

Also, writer Ari Drew, who appeared with me and others in the Nightmare Collective anthology, recommended me for the Horror Writers Association newsletter, under their Seers Table section for up and coming writers from diverse backgrounds. I got in, and right here is the screenshot! Hooray! 😀



Listen Tonight, Listen Tomorrow, See Me Later On

Don’t forget to tune in this evening to Darkness Radio at 10pm Eastern Time to listen to me pontificating about the Mammoth Mountain and Rochdale poltergeist cases!


If you’re more into my horror vibe, I’ll also be appearing on the weekly podcast/casual hangout thingie at the ginormous Orlando comic store Gods & Monsters tomorrow night, Friday, March 18th. The show starts about 7pm, but we’ll see how much the notoriously wretched Orlando traffic holds me up on my drive there. Should be there by 7:30, though, hopefully. Also, looking ahead, Gods & Monsters will be having a Writer’s Alley, featuring sci-fi, fantasy, and horror writers, and I’m gonna be at that too. It’s on Saturday, June 4th, so come on down, buy a book, get an autograph, and generally just bask in my presence.


Oh, I’m also gonna be a guest on End of Days Radio next Saturday, March 26th, at 11pm Eastern Time, but I’ll remind y’all again about that when it gets closer. Listen and learn, and keep it creepy, my friends. Goddess out.