Listen Tonight, Listen Tomorrow, See Me Later On

Don’t forget to tune in this evening to Darkness Radio at 10pm Eastern Time to listen to me pontificating about the Mammoth Mountain and Rochdale poltergeist cases!


If you’re more into my horror vibe, I’ll also be appearing on the weekly podcast/casual hangout thingie at the ginormous Orlando comic store Gods & Monsters tomorrow night, Friday, March 18th. The show starts about 7pm, but we’ll see how much the notoriously wretched Orlando traffic holds me up on my drive there. Should be there by 7:30, though, hopefully. Also, looking ahead, Gods & Monsters will be having a Writer’s Alley, featuring sci-fi, fantasy, and horror writers, and I’m gonna be at that too. It’s on Saturday, June 4th, so come on down, buy a book, get an autograph, and generally just bask in my presence.


Oh, I’m also gonna be a guest on End of Days Radio next Saturday, March 26th, at 11pm Eastern Time, but I’ll remind y’all again about that when it gets closer. Listen and learn, and keep it creepy, my friends. Goddess out.

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