Part Two of My Interview About “The Unseen Hand” on Where Did the Road Go

A few posts back I gave some links to some radio shows and podcasts I’d been on recently, and just as I promised, right here is part two of the interview I did on Where Did the Road Go with Seriah Azkath. There will also be a part three up soon, plus an extra interview with me was recorded for their Patreon supporters, so go support the show and get some extra content from yours truly. Thank you, and keep it creepy. 🙂

New Network and New Commercial for 13 O’Clock!

Happy Saturday, fiends! This is just a short message to inform you that our 13 O’Clock podcast (at least the audio version) will be moving to a new network starting with the very next episode on November 8th (which will be about the Enfield poltergeist, by the way)! You will now be able to hear us on our home page at the Project Entertainment Network, run by the awesome horror writer and all-around cool guy Armand Rosamilia. Look for new episodes of 13 O’Clock there every Tuesday, or subscribe to the video version of the show on our YouTube channel. Oh, and before I forget, we also have a few t-shirts available with some pretty rad designs on them, inspired by some of our past podcast topics.

Oh, and also, we made a funny-ass commercial for the show, on which Tom (aka the God of Hellfire) channels his inner Criswell to hilarious effect. Check it out, then share with all and sundry:

The Goddess Talking Poltergeists on Darkness Radio!

It’s easy like Monday morning, the first day of my new part-time hours, and I’m already kinda liking this deal of being able to stay up late on Sunday night and watch “The Walking Dead” without worrying about having to get up at the ass-crack of dawn. I’ve actually got some freelance design work to do today, plus I’m hoping to finish one of my new erotica stories, PLUS the GoH is at this very moment doing another interview session with Steve Mera for the new “Demons In Seattle” book we’re working on, so it’s a busy day all around.

Before I get back to it, please mark your calendars for this Thursday, March 17th, because I will be a guest on Darkness Radio at 10pm EST. Listen, love, buy, and in the meantime, keep it creepy, my friends. Goddess out.


Part-Time Paranormal

Top of the morning, my cadaverous compatriots! Just a couple of new things to report: My “day job” has seen fit, beginning next week, to cut my hours down to part time. This is obviously rather inconvenient to my bank account and the state of my health insurance coverage, but in my nihilistically optimistic way, I am hoping to make a silk purse out of this particular sow’s ear, if you catch my meaning. By spending less time slaving away for The Man, I plan to have more time to work hard for The Woman, i.e. me. My new “funemployed” days are going to be spent hitting my writing even harder, promoting the living shit out of all my projects, and perhaps picking up some more freelance design work to make up for at least some of the cash I’m losing.

To that end, I’ve created a new media kit, focused mainly on my paranormal stuff, which I’ve been using to hit up more radio and television shows to promote my ghostly wares. So far, I’ve got one radio show scheduled, End of Days Radio, on which I will flap my gums on Saturday, March 26th at 11:10pm EST. As more fill my calendar, I will of course post here for your listening pleasure.

Until then, have a look at my sexy media kit, buy my books, give me money, and keep it creepy, my friends.