Part-Time Paranormal

Top of the morning, my cadaverous compatriots! Just a couple of new things to report: My “day job” has seen fit, beginning next week, to cut my hours down to part time. This is obviously rather inconvenient to my bank account and the state of my health insurance coverage, but in my nihilistically optimistic way, I am hoping to make a silk purse out of this particular sow’s ear, if you catch my meaning. By spending less time slaving away for The Man, I plan to have more time to work hard for The Woman, i.e. me. My new “funemployed” days are going to be spent hitting my writing even harder, promoting the living shit out of all my projects, and perhaps picking up some more freelance design work to make up for at least some of the cash I’m losing.

To that end, I’ve created a new media kit, focused mainly on my paranormal stuff, which I’ve been using to hit up more radio and television shows to promote my ghostly wares. So far, I’ve got one radio show scheduled, End of Days Radio, on which I will flap my gums on Saturday, March 26th at 11:10pm EST. As more fill my calendar, I will of course post here for your listening pleasure.

Until then, have a look at my sexy media kit, buy my books, give me money, and keep it creepy, my friends.



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