13 O’Clock Episode 94 – A Haunting Review: House of the Dead

It’s paranormal time again, and we’re returning to that wonderful wellspring of supernatural hijinks known as A Haunting. This time, we’re discussing the case of Billy Bean, whose story was told on episode 5 of season 2, titled “House of the Dead.” Billy moved into a house in Glen Burnie, Maryland with his family in 1970 when he was just seven years old, and before too long, some apparently nefarious force began targeting the Beans, causing violent poltergeist activity and the drastic personality change of Billy’s father. Join us as we run down the episode and the case, and also listen with amusement to our news story, in which we lament the darkly hilarious fate of a 2,000-year-old, extremely unlucky Pompeii resident. Poltergeists and demons and ghosts, oh my! It’s a high-spirited episode 94.

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Clip at the beginning taken from A Haunting, S02E05, “House of the Dead.”

Song at the end: “Dark Forces” by Killing Joke.

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13 O’Clock Episode 47 – The Hungry Ghosts Haunting

On episode 47, Tom and Jenny are returning to their fun recaps of “A Haunting” episodes, and this time around, they’re discussing one of the more unusual ones: “Hungry Ghosts,” which was the fifth episode of season two. The wealthy Bishop family move to a company-owned mansion in Taiwan after dad Dennis is given a promotion, but almost from the moment they set foot in the place, creepy things are afoot. Leaky walls, big-ass spiders, footsteps, voices, doors opening by themselves…it’s enough to make mom Candace summon a Taoist priest to rid the gigantic, window-heavy showplace of its pesky spirits. Don’t forget to pack up a picnic basket of fruit, incense, and cash to leave on the front lawn for the unquiet ghosts before tuning in for the latest haunting episode of 13 O’Clock.

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