13 O’Clock Episode 64 – H.H. Holmes: America’s O.G. Serial Killer

You think Jack the Ripper was bad? Well, America had its very own serial killer that was a contemporary of ol’ Jack’s, and in true American fashion, this dude evidently took the whole multiple murder thing and ramped it up to eleven. Dr. H.H. Holmes was not only a bigamist and a shameless con-man, but he also took killing people to a WHOLE other level, according to the stories about him. No one knows exactly how many people Holmes murdered or how much of his story is exaggerated, but according to legend, the three-story building he constructed in Chicago, later known as the Murder Castle, apparently had lots of horrifying modifications like airtight rooms with poison gas valves, a greased chute for quickly sending bodies down to the bowels of the house, and what amounted to a medieval torture chamber in the basement. But how much of this story is true, and how much is tall tale? Check in to the horror hotel with Tom and Jenny, and listen to the unbelievable tale of Victorian madness and mayhem that comprises episode 64.

Download the audio version here or watch the YouTube video here.

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Link to Adam Selzer’s website. Song at the End: “H.H. Holmes” by Langton Drive.

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