13 O’Clock Episode 114 – The Monster of Florence and the Vampire of Hanover

We’re returning to the true crime well for this installment of 13 O’Clock, and this time around, we’re talking serial murder, European style. On the first segment, we’ll be discussing the so-called “Monster of Florence,” a killer or group of killers who targeted camping couples in the Italian countryside in the period spanning 1968 to 1985. On the second half, we’ll be relating the case of German serial murderer Friedrich “Fritz” Haarman, also known as the Vampire of Hanover, who murdered at least 27 boys and men between the years of 1918 and 1924. Brew up a cappuccino and slip into your lederhosen as we travel down the dark alleys of European crime on episode 114.

Watch the YouTube version here or download the audio version here.

Link to the book The Monster of Florence by Douglas Preston & Mario Spezi.

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